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Mac Pappy Is Fresno born and raised.

His music inspirations started when he was a young boy watching his father perform.

In the early eighties Hip hop was in its early stages. Mac pappy got a dose of Run DMC, Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, Pappy was hooked.

It is amazing that a young boy knew  what he wanted to do with his life, RAP. Pappy was around musicians real early on in. If he wasn't around musicians,  he always had the latest Hip hop album to listen to as a kid. It wasn't long before he became a teen and started to DJ, mixing and scratching records to the bone. At a  young age of eighteen  Laborio  realized one thing, he didn't wan to play music any more, he wanted to create his own music. Yea, from the bottom to the top he started recording on a two channel stereo on to tape. He put in some hours at the local hamburger shop to help pay for some new equipment so he could produce beats and record his vocal tracks. Fast forward to the present, Mac Pappy has performed live and collaborated with local artist around the local area, with artist such as S Wessun, Tammany1, Young Strech, 12Gage, and Mac Lokz. Mac Pappy's music is a blend of west coast and the G Funk style with a chill out mellow flavor that you can feel. Mac Pappy is his own label Mind Blown Brain Cell Productions. He is a man of many talents from writing , producing, and engineering his music compositions, there isn't too much he can't do for himself. Mac pappy is currently working on his first album, a release date has not yet been established,  though he has plenty of music already released to the public for your listening pleasure. @RevrbNation.com/MrMacPappy